I don't consider myself a professional poet or writer nor do I have any credentials whatsoever except that I do love the written word. I especially love when people are provided a platform from which to freely express themselves.

Hopefully I have accomplished this at East Village Poetry.

If you think you have poetry that would appropriate for this web site, please feel free to email me. (Please do not send attachments).

Thank you
Shane Allison
Billie McCorkle
Anntelope's Short Stories
Pepe Nero
James Babbs
Maurice Oliver
Mandy Bennett
Dave Packet
Tyson Bley
J.J. Campbell
Ben Harrison Parks
S. A. Cavanaugh
Ira Cohen
Jonathan Penton
Mike Conner
Drew Pisarra
Gregory Corso
Eric Peterson
Scott Michael Potter
Marissa Ranello
Marc DeMilt
Kenneth Rexroth
Lucy Edwards
James Daniel Flynn
Diane Rose
Lee Forest
James P. Ross
John Gallo
Ginger Rudolph
Rudy Garcia
Mather Schneider
Denis Garrison
Frank Harding
Cassandra Stark
Jonathan Hayes
John Sweet
Sarah Herrington
Elias Toumasatos
Len Kuntz
Rob Lawton
Adam Trille
Anthony Liccione
T. G. Vanini
Lyn Lifshin
joseph Veronneau
James Lineberger
Dave Waddell
Tiffany Lee
Jennifer Warren
James Magill
M.T. Wilkens
Dan Masterson
Wayne Wolfson
Marty Matz

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